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Easy Clip-on Ducting & Vacuum Tubing

Conventional ducting systems can be a hassle to install or dismantle, and the solution to this is Clip-on Ducting. Our Clip-on ducting is manufactured from galvanized steel sheets with a stable structure and a smooth internal surface. These are easy to use, without the need for welding, rivets, screws or bolts. The clip on nature allows the duct to be easily disassembled for inspection or cleaning, saving on manpower costs.

Easy Clip-on Ducting and Vacuum Tubing

Our Vacuum Tubing is specially built to withstand the rigors of vacuum conveying and with a wide variety of fittings available, this tubing system can be designed to fit the layout of your plant. These are most commonly used alongside a central vacuum system and will last much longer than normal ducting. Contact us now for how these products can be applied to your plant.